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“I’ve taken lessons from several teachers in the past, some of whom are recognized musicians and educators. Bob Hinz is by far the best teacher I have ever had. His knowledge of musical idioms, harmony, theory, and piano technique can only be described as encyclopedic. Bob has the ability to quickly understand exactly what I need to work on at any given moment and I have made excellent progress after a hiatus from piano of nearly 30 years. The music business is probably one of the most difficult and many music teachers are frustrated performers who seem almost disinterested in their students. Bob is the absolute antithesis of this. He is an incredibly generous teacher whose enthusiasm and love for music is infectious. I am always inspired after my lesson. Bob Hinz is truly a consummate musical educator.”Tom P., Northport, NY

“Dr. Hinz  has been one of the most influential teachers in my life time. Through his extensive knowledge in jazz he has really pushed my level of musicianship to a whole new level!”Mike D'Andrea, Levittown, NY

“For the past year and a half I have had the pleasure of taking jazz piano lessons with Bob. Ever single lesson was tailored to my needs and spanned from learning the intricacies of six-voice part writing for solo piano to transcription analysis. More so than any educator I have had previously, Bob was dedicated to my learning and helped me to figure out how to get the most out of my playing and practice. Following every lesson Bob always sent me well constructed, highly informative email which not only reviewed the topics which we discussed in our lesson, but also often included additional PDF exercise guides, worksheets, and practice tips. Bob is a truly dedicated music educator whose excitement for the piano is contagious, I am very lucky to have had him as a piano teacher!”—Max McBride, Setauket, NY

“Bob Hinz is one of the most knowledgeable teachers I have ever had while studying music. It amazed me how every week Bob would be able to show me new concepts and techniques at the keyboard. I feel that a major reason why we were able to cover a ton of information over the course of our lessons is due to his deep and thorough explanations of the topics he wanted to cover. I benefited from the multiple teaching methods he used: aurally by actually showing me on the keyboard and conceptually by talking it out. Studying piano with Bob was crucial in my seeking out a career in music as I attend Berklee College of Music.”—Michael Weberman, Syosset, NY & Boston, MA

“Bob was my first jazz piano teacher. I studied with him for a semester at SUNY Fredonia in 1989. I was a classical guitar major at the time, but was fascinated by the incredible sounds coming out of Bob's office every day as he practiced. So I approached him about taking lessons. Due to the rigidity and bureaucracy of academia, Bob actually wasn't even supposed to teach a classical guitar major like me. But being the dedicated teacher he is, he decided to take me on as a student anyway. At the time I wasn't even interested in being a pianist. I just wanted to understand the advanced harmony and voicings Bob was using and apply them to the guitar. Little did I know that these lessons with Bob would be the beginning of my journey as a jazz piano player. Bob is an extremely knowledgeable and capable musician. He is also a patient teacher who breaks down complex concepts so that they are easily understandable. I recommend lessons with Bob without reservation for all serious pianists and students of jazz.”—Phil Magallanes, pianist and keyboardist for Al Di Meola, Arturo Sandoval, Blood Sweat. & Tears, & others. Clearwater, FL

"Before I met Bob, I had several years under my belt as a classical-trained pianist, but little experience in the world of jazz.  Bob taught me both theory and application, and provided great advice along the way—all assets which later helped me win awards and many gigs over the years.” Greg C, Columbus OH (formerly New Hyde Park, NY)

“Bob taught me from kindergarten all the way through my senior year of high school, helping me with everything from how to find middle C to preparing me for my college auditions. When I began teaching piano to kids around my neighborhood, I went back to the same books Bob used with me when I was first learning and drew from his teaching techniques. Now I am pursuing Music Education and can wholeheartedly say Bob is a major reason why I am on the path I am on; he not only introduced me to music, but refined the love I had for it and inspired me to continue to pursue it the rest of my life.”Sarah Chung, Long Island, NY

"There is a clear distinction between the application of jazz music theory and the actual improvising process of making spontaneous music. Through my two-years as a doctoral student of Dr. Hinz, the all too often, ‘diss-connections’ that separated my personal growth as a performing musician and as an academic music theorist were defined and most readily distinguished under his guidance. Simply stated: ‘the theory and knowledge of music making does not automatically generate improvised art.’ After reading the plethora of theory books on the jazz language and their applications that flooded my market…. Dr. Hinz’s concepts infused me with the most critical element of an improvising musician's journey, ‘soul performance through articulate and technical preparation.’ His books on embellishing tones and patterns are plastered on my piano...Serious musicians only should apply to Doc Hinz!”Frank Doyle, NY studio and performing keyboardist for Meatloaf, Madonna, Julian Lennon, Weird Al Yankovic, & others, Woodbury, NY

“When we looked for a piano teacher for our boys, we were fortunate to find Bob Hinz.  As both a credentialed and published music scholar and as an active performing artist, Bob was an authentic professional musician, dedicated to both the theory and practice of music making. Our children seemed destined for careers in science and technology.  Nevertheless, we wanted them to have the opportunity to enjoy the art and craft of music. Bob was a calm, patient, and friendly mentor who taught both boys to play piano over the course of their elementary school years. (Incidentally, learning to read 2 clefs simultaneously and coordinating different rhythms in each hand--which is standard piano playing--made it effortless to read single-note band music in their school music programs.) Since private lessons took place at home, Bob organized recitals on a regular basis at a venue with stage and grand piano. He understood that it energized the kids to realize how many others were learning music and playing the piano and that it gave them waypoints for measuring their progress. We highly recommend Bob to anyone looking for intelligent piano instruction from a knowledgeable, supportive teacher.” The Klein Family, Melbourne Beach, FL (formerly Lloyd Harbor, NY)

"Dr. Hinz carried a deep understanding of both the music we were playing and moreover, appropriately directed my growth as a young musician. I always felt challenged, but never overwhelmed. As such, I was able to progress at a pace that was comfortable for me while still seeing immeasurable improvements in all aspects of my playing. Since my lessons with Dr. Hinz, I've gone on to receive my bachelors degree in music education from Hofstra University and to this day will always declare that my time spent every week with Dr. Hinz proved to be an invaluable experience."Michael O., Bethpage, NY

“I have been studying under Bob Hinz for the past several years. Bob has taken me on an incredible journey. I am an adult student and because of Bob's methods of instruction I am now able to play with confidence and ease. We have explored classical music to jazz and I have enjoyed everything because Bob makes learning fun and easy. My favorite night of the week is when I have my lesson and Bob shows up at my house, precisely at the time of the lesson to the second. I truly don't know where I would be without his instruction.”Antoinette Ludden, Cold Spring Harbor, NY

"Studying with Bob Hinz has been a wonderful experience for me. He is a master of both the theoretical and artistic aspects of jazz improvisation. My playing developed greatly under Bob's tutelage and I would recommend him to anyone looking to improve any aspect of their musical knowledge."John Donovan, Kings Park, NY

“Bob was my introduction to the world of music as I know it. He taught me the fundamentals and sparked my long-standing appreciation for music. He helped train my ear and instilled the discipline that only with practice would come progress, while enforcing the importance of enjoying the piano. Lessons with Bob for nine years was an integral part of my youth and one of the reasons I have continued to pursue a professional career in the arts.”Heather P., Jericho, NY

“Bob helped me a lot to fix my “self-taught’ bad habits with fingerings and time.  I also really liked the way he explained jazz harmonies and substitute chords and how they work on the piano.”Chip Watterson, Long Island, NY

“I have been taking lessons with Bob for almost a decade now, and his effectiveness as a teacher is amazing. Bob’s deep knowledge in every aspect of music and instruction reflects in his student's progress. In the teaching process, Bob makes you understand that those "little things" (practicing, counting, etc.) in the learning process have big meanings, and he is very serious about that.” M. I., Plainview, NY

“Thanks so much for three wonderful years! You taught me how to love and appreciate music. You are a wonderful teacher!” Yael Tiompkin, Plainview, NY

“Bob Hinz has been the absolute best teacher for my daughter who is now studying Music Education at NYU. He taught her since she was only six years old. When she was little, he was so great about patiently easing her into things like technique and reading music. As she got older and better at piano, he was perfectly suited to challenge and inspire her. Thanks to him, my daughter got into one of the best Music Education programs in the country. On top of all that, he is always professional, reliable and courteous. The younger siblings and even the dog were always happy to see him!” Jen C., Dix Hills, NY

“As a jazz piano instructor, Bob has an exceptional approach to teaching in a somewhat traditional way, while at the same time implementing an unconventional "outside the box" approach. This makes Bob's ability to break through and reach out to his students in a way that I have never been taught before. This made each and every lesson exciting and a real opportunity to learn something new every time. I have truly appreciated the knowledge, expertise, and brilliance of Bob as a musician and composer, as well as his unique perspective as an instructor to students of any age or level of achievement." Dan Rich, Merrick, NY

"Thank you so much for your wonderfully insightful articles about jazz piano and its essence! You are a fantastic writer with the ability to go right to the heart of issues, which even advanced players struggle to conceptualize! I can't tell you how much you have helped clarify my thinking about how to achieve my goals as a jazz pianist!"—Nick Collis, UK

“As a beginning student, I needed a teacher who would be patient. Bob provided me with the tools of technique and theory which I'd needed to obtain a deeper understanding of the music I enjoy playing.”Joe A., Huntington, NY

"Bob has been my son's piano teacher for the last four years. He is fantastic with children. My son is a Suzuki trained violinist and the child of two music teachers, so this is a tough house to work in. My wife and I have been nothing but extremely pleased with the progress Bob has made with my son, the patience he displays, and the sense of humor he has with his students. Being a music educator myself, I know a great teacher when I see one." A. P., Huntington Station, NY