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To listen to short excerpts of each piece, click on any of the song titles.


A Moment Set Apart

A Moment Set Apart includes fifteen piano instrumentals, including twelve original compositions. Bob Hinz, Piano

1. Country

2. Early Evening

3. Dreamer

4. Fly Away

5. Letter From Home

6. Coming Across

7. If You Would

8. A Moment Set Apart

9. Every Day

10. The Story Within

11. My Song

12. Mas Alla

13. Deep Well

14. A Quiet Corner

15. Looking Back

$12.00  (plus $3.00 shipping & handling)





A Moment Set Apart is now available for purchase at CD Baby http://www.cdbaby.com and is available as ipod downloads at itunes http://www.apple.com/itunes.



Flying Colors

Flying Colors includes eleven instrumentals, including nine original compositions.

Bob Hinz, Piano/Keyboards; Ron Bertolet, Saxophones & Flute; Bob Gallo, Guitars; Ricardo Candelaria, Percussion; Zach Danziger, Drums; Brian Dunne, Drums

1. Chemistry

2. Fashion Statement

3. Autumn Place

4. Sky Country

5. We're In This Love Together

6. Flying Colors

7. Passion Pushover

8. Don't Count Me Out

9. Possibilities

10. Intima

11. What Are You Waiting For?

"HOSTING A PROGRAM IN NEW YORK CITY for WQCD-FM (CD-101.9), I get the opportunity to listen to a lot of new releases. Rarely does a new CD seem so at home in my machine as Flying Colors. This is the kind of record you just know the band had fun recording. It comes right through the speakers and releases your mind, body, and spirit from the craziness outside.”Ian Karr

5 out of 5 starsFlying Colors by Bob Hinz, September 20, 2002—Amazon International reviews

Well orchestrated great piano jazz.

You can truly hear the exceptional talent in these compositions. Not too brassy, smooth, but not too watered down or too mellow. Great background jazz and I don't think that background music is any less an art than that which takes center stage. It's hard to set the right balance of flow to keep it interesting, but not so saturated and vibrant as something center stage; in any case the magic is in these pieces and I recommend them.

5 out of 5 stars—Apple itunes review.

"Great Keyboardist in a Quintet setting."—Changing Tones

$12.00  (plus $3.00 shipping & handling)







Flying Colors is also available for purchase at CDBaby http://www.cdbaby.com and as ipod downloads at itunes http://www.apple.com/itunes.



Instead of Words

Instead of Words contains nine original instrumental compositions.

Bob Hinz, Piano & Keyboards; Steve Greenfield, Saxophones & Flute; Dale Kleps, Saxophones & Flute ; Glen Drews, Trumpet & Flügelhorn ; John Albrink, Bass; Joe Quinde, Bass; Roger Squitero, Percussion; Terry Silverlight, Drums ; Lou Katsarus, Drums

1. Open Road

2. Sand Steps

3. Smiles & Sunny Days

4. Instead Of Words

5. Sky Signs

6. Sneakers

7. Slow Dance

8. Key To The City

9. Singing & Dancing

Tasty, accessible jazz ensemble work. . . . His changes and melodies are intelligently crafted and well-planned song structures provide most of the interest.Keyboard

The fine ensemble work certainly helps add to the enjoyment of this disc. Jazziz

The kind of album that has you humming along to the all original tunes even on the first listen. The Island Ear

Sunny, pleasant. Very good production, package. Recommended for the CD 101.9 Crowd.The Music Paper

$9.95  (plus $3.00 shipping & handling)





Jazz. . . Discover an American Original


Jazz. . . Discover an American Original was released by the National Association of Recording Merchandisers in 1998. It contains original compositions by various artists, including my composition, "Chemistry." Although the disc is out of print, it may still be available online at vendors such as Amazon, Tower Records, and ebay.