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NOTE: For those who have contacted me (via the email address listed below) regarding transcription, arranging, and teaching, please accept my apologies for not responding. There were issues with the emails being forwarded. It has now been resolved and I will reply to all of those who have not received a response. I can be reached at BOB AT BOBHINZ DOT COM.


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March, 2019


One of my transcription clients, Ernest Mathewson, recorded a number of transcriptions that I have done for him in the last year. These include Bill Evans Young & Foolish, and My Foolish Heart. I also recently completed What Is There To Say,  which was just uploaded.


November, 2017


My transcription of Keith Jarrett's performance of "Never Let Me Go" was recently recorded and posted on Youtube by Ernest Mathewson. I also recently transcribed Kyle Landry's performance of "Light of the Seven."



October, 2017


My transcription of Keith Jarrett's "Improvisation in Ab" also known as the "Tokyo Solo" was recently recorded and posted on Youtube by Ernest Mathewson. An edited version of this performance also appears as Part XVI on Jarrett's album Radiance.



February, 2017


I recently transcribed two Lyle Mays piano solos with the Pat Metheny Group. These are "Better Days Ahead" from The Road To You and "James" from another live European performance. I may transcribe a few more. 


My transcription of Keith Jarrett's "I Loves You Porgy" was just recorded and posted on Youtube by Ernest Mathewson. He also posted my arrangement of Chet Baker's "Almost Blue."  He also recorded another performance of "Jarrett's rendition of "Over The Rainbow." Congratulations, Ernest, on your fine performances! 



May, 2016


During the last year, in addition to teaching and gigging, I've been hired for many solo piano transcription projects. These have included "Vagiorko Mai" (Khatia Buniatishvili), "When Almonds Blossomed" (Khatia Buniatishvili), "Sono Andati" (John Bayless), "Blue In Green" (piano and bass) (Miles Davis / Bill Evans), "O Come All Ye Faithful" / "Angels We Have Heard On High" / "Hark The Herald Angels Sing" Medley (John Bayless), Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring / Amazing Grace (John Bayless), "I Loves You Porgy" (Keith Jarrett), "Almost Blue" (transcription / arrangement) (Chet Baker), Sapporo, Part One, from the Sun Bear Concerts (Keith Jarrett), Dream Chaser (Kyle Landry), and Georgia On My Mind (Chuck Leveal).


Recently, I began building a second website devoted entirely to piano transcription. The site is not up yet. The web address is pianotranscription.com.  I'm looking forward to the wide variety of projects that I'll be working on, much like those listed above.



September, 2015


For those who have contacted me (via the email address listed below) regarding transcription and other music arranging services, please accept my apologies for not responding. There were issues with the emails being forwarded. It has now been resolved and I will reply to all of those that have not received a response. Besides the contact page, I can be reached at BOB AT BOBHINZ DOT COM.



March, 2015


I just added a Teaching Testimonials page to the website. Many thanks to all of those who responded! Click here to read the comments. If you would like to write a testimonial regarding teaching, performances, transcriptions, or anything else, you can do so via the Contact page.



August, 2014


I recently did an arrangement of music from The Bridges of Madison County for piano. It's played here and here by Ernest Mathewson. (Here is the music from the original score, written by Lennie Niehaus and Clint Eastwood. The scene is toward the end of the movie when Robert Kincaid leaves Winterset, Iowa.) He also recorded a transcription I did for him a while back of George Gershwin's "Love Walked In" that he also posted here on YouTube. Here is a short transcription of the Henry Mancini piano arrangement of his tune "Don't Call It Love" from the movie 10 played by Ernest.



February, 2014


Recently, one of my transcription clients recorded three solo piano transcriptions that I did for him and posted these on YouTube. These are Keith Jarrett's arrangement of "Over the Rainbow" and "The Wind," and Dudley Moore's performance of Henry Mancini's composition "It's Easy To Say" from the movie 10. I believe that he will add videos of other transcriptions that I did for him.



October, 2013 


I have added many of the performances that I gave on Piano Jazz on June 5, 2001 to my youtube channel. There are also a number of recordings that are available on my youtube channel that are not available anywhere else. Check it out!


Rest in peace Marian McPartland. So sad to hear about the passing of a legend. She was such a tremendous spirit. It’s hard to believe that it’s been twelve years since she invited me to be her guest on Piano Jazz, her NPR her radio broadcast. Although I was a bit nervous, it was a great experience. Marian always seemed to go out of her way to make her guests comfortable. "I Love You" is one of the tunes we played together on two pianos. 



September, 2013


Here is a lovely performance of John O'Groats from The Artistry of George Shearing book played by Mark Porter.



August, 2013


I now have a youtube channel on which I will post recordings, musical performances, instructional videos, transcriptions, and more. The channel is titled Bob Hinz Media.


In the last few months I have transcribed a few Keith Jarrett solo piano performances for one of my clients. These include "Over the Rainbow" (Tokyo, 1984),  "Improvisation in Ab," (Tokyo Solo DVD, 2002; an edited version of this is on the CD Radiance), and "The Wind," from the Paris Concert CD. 


I have added a few more unpublished articles to the "Articles" page.



January, 2013 


NEW! My new book, Jazz Piano Cluster Voicing Workshop is now for sale. See the books page for more detail.  


The links to all of the Creative Keyboard articles have been removed as the Creative Keyboard website is no longer up and running. PDFs for all of these articles are still available on the Articles page.



August, 2012


Back at Mirelle's again Friday, September 7th, with Vinnie D'Arrigo's Quartet. 9:00 start. The sound system and the room are really great; the piano's not bad either. Hope to see you there!



July, 2012


I'm back at Mirelle's again Friday, July 27th. 9:00 start. Hope to see you there!


This Friday (July 20th) I'll be playing with Vinnie D’Arrigo’s quartet (guitar, piano, bass, and drums) at Mirelle’s. The gig starts at 9:00pm. I plan to do more gigs in the upcoming months.



November, 2011


PDFs are now available for all of the articles I have written. These are free and can be read (or downloaded) on the Articles page.


The past few months I have been immersed in a number of projects for various clients and colleagues. One project includes three solo piano transcriptions: Wayne Marshall's recording of "Love Walked In," Billy Taylor's "Solo," and Dudley Moore's "Melody in F Minor."


I also continue intense hand therapy (sensory motor retuning) for focal dystonia, a neurological condition that affects many musicians. Focal dystonia comes about as a result of over-practicing and improper technique. I have been following the suggestions of Dr. Nancy Byl, who is affiliated with the University of California at San Francisco. I am well on my way to recovery, and plan to be out playing and recording again. These things take time, but my progress so far makes me very optimistic.


The semester at Five Towns College is almost over, and I continue to be amazed at the progress of my students.



May, 2011


PDFs of most of my books and my doctoral dissertation are available for sale on this website at approximately half the cost of the hard copies. After receiving payment confirmation the ebook /PDF will be emailed to you. If you purchase an ebook, please make sure your email address can accept large attachments (2.5Mb) and will not block emails as spam.


Volume II of The Improviser's Guide to Melodic Embellishment (Scales and Progressions) has been released and is now available from Charles Colin Music Publishing Co.


After all this time, I am still planning a cd release recital for A Moment Set Apart. The past six months I have been treated for a repetitive strain injury to my right hand. Treatment, so far, has been successful, but it may be some time before I am playing in public again. My apologies as well for taking so long to update the site. Software issues and a busy school year have kept me from posting.


Another semester at Five Towns College has ended and I wish to congratulate all of my students for great work. In particular, kudos to T. W. Sample, a doctoral student in jazz performance, for playing a great recital.



September, 2010 


Just Released: A Moment Set Apart, a collection of fifteen pieces for solo piano, including twelve original compositions. A CD release concert and reception is planned for the Fall. Clips are now posted on the Recordings page.


Country, Early Evening, Dreamer, Fly Away, Letter From Home, Coming Across, If You Would, A Moment Set Apart, Every Day, The Story Within, My Song, Mas Alla (Beyond), Deep Well, A Quiet Corner, Looking Back



July, 2010


Coming Soon:


The Improviser's Guide to Melodic Embellishment Volume II will be released by Charles Colin Music Publishing Co. in November, 2010.


Jazz Piano Cluster Voicing Workshop A book about harmonizing jazz standards using cluster voicings. The text includes a collection of ten pieces arranged for piano demonstrating the technique. Available in 2011.


More live performances!


April, 2010


Check out the new article on Creative Keyboard, "Using Target Tones When Changing Hand Positions." The article discusses efficient ways of movement at the keyboard and is a valuable piece for beginning and intermediate piano students.


January, 2010


I am quite excited to announce the publication of The Bud Powell Real Book, a book I did for Hal Leonard which contains transcriptions of the jazz tunes of Bud Powell. The project took more than a year to complete and many more years after that to finally see it published. The book is available at most music stores as well as Amazon.



December, 2009


My article for pianists, "Use Blocking as a Fingering Technique," was just published on Mel Bay's Creative Keyboard website. The article explores issues related to choosing fingerings for pieces.


I recently completed an arrangement of "Nessun Dorma" (None Shall Sleep), the well-known tenor aria from Puccini's Turandot. I've submitted it to Hal Leonard for possible publication.



October, 2009


A short article I wrote entitled "In Jazz Harmony, Simpler is Better" has just been published in Mel Bay's Creative Keyboard. The piece discusses the chord symbol, and explores the distinctions between the embellishment of a chord and the chord itself. 



August, 2009


An article I wrote entitled "Improving Accuracy by Developing Keyboard Awareness" has just been published in the August issue of Creative Keyboard. I'm really proud of this piece and believe that pianists and piano teachers will find it enormously beneficial.



June, 2009


The June issue of Creative Keyboard has been published.  The article discusses  ideas and approaches that pianists can apply when working out fingerings. The article is titled  "Basic Fingering Principles."



Previous News (2009):


The April issue of Creative Keyboard has been published.  The article describes approaches beginners can use to create walking bass lines for jazz tunes. The article is titled  "Creating Bass Lines."


I recently began serving on the Doctoral Program Review Committee at Five Towns College.


I just finished a transcription of the famous Dudley Moore solo piano performance of the Henry Mancini tune "It's Easy To Remember." It was in the movie "10," which featured Moore, Bo Derek, and Julie Andrews.


The February issue of Creative Keyboard has been published and the article is again in the area of piano technique.  The piece is entitled "Avoiding Tension With Movement."  Required reading for all piano students!


The books page has been updated and now contains all of my books, with a few page samples and audio excerpts of those pages.


Recently, I began teaching piano and harmony at Five Towns College.


An article I originally wrote for Clavier magazine has been published in the December issue of Creative Keyboard.  The article is titled Using Small Intervals to Manage Large Leaps.


The October issue of Creative Keyboard has been published and my article is in the realm of piano technique.  "Practicing Exaggeration for Large Leaps and Intervals" outlines techniques that promote accuracy and speed in keyboard movement.


I recently completed a book that I've been working on (part time) for the past few years.  The book is called The Virtuoso Jazz Pianist, a 175 page book with a wide range of studies and exercises for jazz pianists interested in developing their technique (and who among us isn't?).  A number of publishers have expressed interest in the book, which could turn out to be my magnum opus!


My article,  "15 Tips for Successful Jazz Improvisation"  has just been published in the August issue of Creative Keyboard.  This is the "companion" piece to the article that appeared in the June issue.


I am excited to let everyone know that Hal Leonard has agreed to publish a book I did of transcriptions of the music of Bud Powell.  The book is titled The Bud Powell Real Book, and it will feature 44 tunes, in lead sheet format, of the music of the great jazz pianist Bud Powell.


Check out the new article,  "Jazz Improvisation:  15 Tips for Getting Started,"  in the June issue of Creative Keyboard.


The April issue of Creative Keyboard is now available. The article I've written for this issue is titled "Practice Transposition to Develop Your Ear and Technique."


The article for the February issue of Creative Keyboard has been posted. It's titled "An Easy Method for Understanding and Playing Polyrhythms."


Charles Colin, a publisher of jazz oriented books and materials will be publishing the Improviser's Guide to Melodic Embellishment in two volumes: Volume I: Triads & and Seventh Chords, and Volume II: Scales & Progressions. The company will also be publishing the Jazz Piano Quartal Voicing Workshop, a book I completed last summer. 


I have begun work on a solo piano cd, tentatively titled A Moment Set Apart.


The December issue of Creative Keyboard is out. My article for this issue is "Using Simple Rhythms to Play Difficult Rhythms." It's appropriate for students of intermediate to advanced levels and deals with reading difficult rhythms in the classical literature.


The article "Working With Cross Rhythms," which was published in the October issue of Creative Keyboard, has also been published on the website jazzdoublebass.com. You can go straight to the page by clicking here. The article is the same except the rhythms are notated in the bass clef.


The October issue of Creative Keyboard has been published. My article for this issue is titled "Working With Cross Rhythms"


You can download a copy of my teaching brochure as an Adobe Acrobat Reader pdf file. The link has also been placed at the bottom of the Piano Instruction page.



Contact Information


Electronic mail: BOB AT BOBHINZ DOT COM


Any of the items on the site can be purchased directly on this site or by contacting me by e-mail.  If you wish to obtain items via e-mail, simply send a note by e-mail and I'll reply with info. Items may also be ordered through PayPal by pressing either the "order now" button (for single item purchases) or the "add to cart" button (for multiple item purchases).





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